Energy Marketing Services

Our Energy Marketing Services Division is focused on the customer acquisition needs of Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) Worldwide. We provide our clients with turnkey solutions for Residential & Small Commercial customer acquisition.

A Full Range of Turnkey Customer Acquisition Solutions


Product Development

Market Entry Evaluation

Digital to Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing

Door to Door Marketing

Fully Compliant Customer Enrollments

Branding is a key issue every company faces that wants to grow a national or global footprint. Our extensive energy knowledge provides our clients with solutions & best practices when it comes to energy marketing. This knowledge is invaluable to our clients who want to promote and protect their brand.

The Company provides an extensive product development solution, based on the individual needs that every nationwide market presents. Navigating 22 Deregulated States with multiple utility areas is a daunting task that we execute on behalf of our clients as only true Energy Professionals can. Providing value to the end user while maximizing our clients’ gross margin is our number one priority. This combination leads our clients to succeed in every market and produces long-term, loyal customers.

Knowing “when,” and more importantly knowing “when not” to enter a market, can mean the difference between success and failure. Our trading background, along with our extensive marketing experience, gives our clients the insight to take advantage of future market opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

In collaboration with our affiliates, the company has pioneered cutting-edge technology in identifying and engaging customers through a digital platform. This platform identifies high-value prospects and caters to their specific needs. As part of our service, we generate analytics that provide metrics to track every dollar spent vs each customer acquired, giving our clients valuable data that promotes sound business decision-making.

Over 1 Million Contracts and Counting

Under our Direct Management and through our vast network of Marketing Partners we have successfully on boarded over 1 million, fully compliant energy contracts throughout every deregulated market in the United States.