Who We Are

Power 2 Profit Energy Solutions Inc. (P2P) is an Electricity & Natural Gas Risk Management Company. The Company has been providing these services to Commercial & Industrial end users since 2009.

A Complete Array of Electricity & Natural Gas Risk Management Services

Wholesale Electricity Trading

Wholesale Natural Gas Trading

Power & Gas Contract Negotiations

Power Purchase Agreements

Utility Bill Analysis & Benchmarking


Energy Advisory Consulting Services

The Company has extensive knowledge in negotiating rate, fees, terms & conditions relating to Commercial & Industrial Power & Gas Agreements. The Company has also been successful in creating new, cutting-edge products & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that benefit our diversified clients’ individual needs. This specialized service gives our clients the ability to always purchase energy at or below market.

The Company provides complete Utility Bill Analysis to quickly identify any areas for improvement or discrepancies. These include items such as transmission, line loss, time of use, capacity, renewable energy & zero-emission standards pass through charges. In addition we reconcile Tax & Utility Zonal area classifications for accuracy. Any incorrect classifications could create overcharges. The company also provides a weighted average cost of energy “Benchmark” for true rate comparisons.

The Company has been successful in Aggregation for Municipal & National clients who consume energy in multiple locations. This pooling of resources or “Aggregation” provides these large energy consumers with the best rate & terms.

The Company also provides a wide range of Energy Advisory Consulting Services that includes Solar, Co-Generation, Wind, Lighting & Building Envelope Projects.