Power 2 Profit

P2P Energy Solutions is an Energy Advisory and Consulting firm specializing in procuring and trading energy on behalf of our customers located in deregulated markets.

Here at P2P, our mission is simple – to educate all energy consumers regarding the benefits of energy deregulation and the positive impact that choice has on them. We give you, our client and most valuable asset, the “Power 2 Profit.”

A Truly Independent Buyer

Our allegiance is with you, not the Energy Service Companies. Simply put, we find the supplier that best services your company’s needs and bottom line.

Industry-Wide Relationships

We have relationships with over 50 of the largest Energy Service Companies in the country, serving every deregulated market in the United States.

Educated Analysis & Planning

We analyze your historical usage patterns, then use this “Back Cast” data to create a tailor-made Request for Pricing. This enables us to procure multiple supply offers.

No Nonsense, No Sales Pitch

When companies compete for your business, “You Win.” We are proud to provide you, our most valuable asset, with the “Power 2 Profit.”

Power 2 Choose

The deregulation of electricity and natural gas allows licensed energy companies to compete for your energy supply needs. Every consumer still uses their local utility to deliver the energy, maintain the grid and respond to emergencies. However, if you are located in a deregulated state you can choose to purchase your energy from approved suppliers that service your utility area.

P2P Energy is a licensed & approved Energy Consulting Firm with over 50 of the largest and most competitive suppliers in the country. We provide services in every deregulated market in the United States. We have been successfully negotiating supply contracts, purchasing and trading wholesale energy on behalf of our customers since 2009.

Our team of professional energy buyers will perform a detailed analysis of your energy usage patterns, and procure multiple supply offers based on your individual needs. When companies compete for your business, You Win. Our clients always have the “Power 2 Profit.”

Common Questions

What do you do?

We Procure, Buy & Sell Wholesale Power & Gas on behalf of our clients to provide them with at- or below-market rates at all times.

Who are your customers?

Large Energy Consumers & Fortune 500 Companies in a wide range of industries such as Government Agencies, Industrial & Manufacturing, Property Management, Food & Beverage, Hospitality & large Multi-State Retailers.

How do I benefit?

Our clients hire us to have professional energy traders manage their energy portfolio. Our expertise saves them millions of dollars each year, as opposed to purchasing supply from the utility or a supplier who have no incentive to save you money.

What is your fee structure?

We provide many Energy-Related Services, each with its own fee structure. However, in most cases of Power & Gas Procurement there is no direct fee to our client. In those instances, our fee is paid by the winning supplier in a bid process.