The most important factor to consider as we address climate change and move toward a renewable energy future is how to build a reliable infrastructure. Renewables such as solar and wind while achieving zero emission goals do not produce power 24/7. Supplementing our energy needs when renewable sources can’t is crucial. Natural Gas has been and continues to be the answer. Natural Gas has already accomplished a great deal to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) in North America.

In the United States carbon dioxide emissions fell in 2020 to its lowest levels since 1983. According to the Energy Information Association (EIA) this was the direct result of retiring coal and oil fired power plants that were replaced with Natural Gas and renewable electric sources.  While this is a respectable accomplishment in reducing GGE we have a long way to go. As with most debates extreme views on either side is usually not the answer. Meeting somewhere in the middle to produce common sense solutions is usually the correct path to success.  Along those lines of thinking the Natural Gas industry is trying desperately to impress this upon policymakers. If you ask the millions of Americans who just experienced the extreme cold weather across much of the center of the country in February (which by the way dipped down as far as Texas near the Mexican border), they will tell you there is a delicate balance between energy security and climate risk.

One would be would hard pressed to deny the fact that Natural Gas has provided a low cost, reliable energy source that compliments the renewable energy infrastructure. In addition the US has massive reserves of Natural Gas at our disposal. Not only does that put us in control of our energy destiny, it creates a lot of high paying jobs. The historic advances in technology also is a major factor as we continue to find more safe and efficient ways to use Natural Gas while reducing GGE. In my humble opinion if we are going to have an adult, common sense conversation about reducing GGE, Natural Gas has to be a big part of the conversation, because the stakes remain enormous.


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